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Leadership Teams and Organizational Development


We support leadership teams and leaders who wish to make a difference and find new ways to handle complex and multi-dimensional change processes. In close cooperation with the leadership team, we work to develop the organizational culture, the capacity to hold many perspectives and further develop important key capacities.


Lots of leadership teams find themselves in a working situation that is difficult to grasp and that is somehow more elusive than ever. Due to phenomena like changing market situations, increased competition and rapid change, leaders become almost immersed in and surrounded by complex issues and uncertainty. For those who want their organizations to prosper it is no longer sufficient to approach and handle problems the same way as before.  It is important that the group and the members of a leadership team can develop the perspectives and the capacity for co-creative and mature leadership.

Naturally the leadership team is a key factor for how to deal with organizational change. How they experience their situation and how they handle themselves will frame the conditions for how to approach and handle komplex problems and relationships both within their own group and in the organization as a whole. We mean that it is strategically important that management teams take their situation seriously and give themselves time and space for deep reflection.

The ability for holistic and deep awareness are critical factors for handling transformational and complex change. The group’s approach and actions affect everyone in the organization and will be interpreted by people as indicators for how to behave and for what needs to be dealt with “as an important issue” and what can “just be seen as words and policys that no one really needs to care about”.

Through its role and position the leadership team has has the ultimate responsibility for the emergence of the normative system and collaborative culture of the organization. Without really being aware of it, leadership teams can become the biggest obstacle to the change they want to see in the organization.

Therefore, it is in really important that they take ample time to reflect, in depth, also over issues that do not normally come up on the agenda.