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New Perspectives through Vertical Development


 In our work with leadership development, we seek to give leaders hope, inspiration and tools they find meaningful and useful.
We believe that phenomena like the rapid global development and the frequent need for change that companies must face also brings with it a need for a different and more mature leadership and we want to offer a platform for leaders to develop new perspectives through deep involvement and reflection. We wish to help leaders take their leadership to a new level and to gradually develop a more co-creative leadership. We consider this an important strategic issue.

Taking one´s leadership to the next level calls for something beyond knowledge and experience

We mean that organisations need more leaders who have been able to develop co-creative perspectives and capacities. Becoming a co-creative person is a development process characterized by so-called vertical personal growth.

A co-creative leader is a person who has taken many steps when it comes to personal development and still carries the urge and longing to learn more. It is a leader who is constantly looking for new perspectives and creating opportunities for new insights both in himself/herself and others.

The co-creative leader develops the ability to approach a larger variety of difficult everyday problems from a more holistic perspective, and a profound capacity for reflection. Being co-creative also means that the capacity to relate to important human needs is deeply founded in personal self-awareness. This is the basis for increased empathy and it becomes possible to understand, in a new way, how e.g needs like autonomy, belonging and sense of purpose in one´s work fundamentally affect every individual’s internal motivation and performance.

We can not just work harder

Today both managers and employees face an increasing level of demands and complexity in their work. To deal with this reality, we can not just work harder. The situation also requires new ways of thinking, new values, attitudes and behaviors. Control, linear thinking and planning will always play an important role but they are also inadequate instruments; thinking in terms of right or wrong will often be insufficient and directly misleading. Anyone who wants to be able to lead and support complex change in an organization needs to develop their personal capacities in many areas.

In a complex world we also become more dependent on others’ knowledge and attitudes which in turn drives the need for social skills and solid empathy. A co-creative leader has a deep understanding of people and human dynamics, a genuine ability to relate to a larger whole, and to make decisions based on a high awareness of various needs. A co-creative leader will engage in and deeply embrace the simultaneous needs to develop operational and financial result, a healthy and productive working climate and continuous learning.

Becoming a co-creative person requires so-called vertical development and this type of development process includes a combination of cognitive and emotional learning that together provide new insights, new ways of looking at reality and the opportunity to experience different situations with changing perspectives. This kind of learning is cyclical rather than linear and therefore often challenges our traditional thinking. You can support and work for your own vertical development, but need to realize that you can not control, plan or predict exactly when you will be taking a leap to a new level in your own development.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world!
Mahatma Gandi