A different kind of thinking for more Advanced Leadership

We humans can develop throughout life. But there are many different types of learning and we cannot take our progress for granted. Good leadership calls for mindful effort.

In Co-Creative Organizations we work to support those who wish to develop leadership characterized by insight, consciousness, empathy and effectiveness.

We find it important to continuously follow international research and new findings relevant to our area of working. Through many years practice we have developed a slightly different approach in our ways of working.

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Take your Organization to the Next Level

We offer a structure of six sessions that build on each other. Through the process we will deal with subjects of great importance in order to be able to develop an organization to the next level. As a leader you will have the opportunity and support to deepen and broaden your understanding and translate your new perspectives into action.

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The Leadership Circle

In many ways The Leadership Circle Profile is a unique development tool. It has been built on a solid theoretical framework and is powerfully designed to clarify and highlight important characteristics for good leadership. It is a 360 Profile that will help to create a much deeper understanding for how underlying assumptions affect beliefs, behavior and effectiveness.

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