About Co-creative Organizations

We have more than 20 years of experience working with leadership and organizational development and during the years we have had the privilege to meet and to work together with more than 3000 leaders.

We share some keystones in our background:

  • We have both been managers
  • We have many years of personal experience from being part of leadership teams
  • We are trained organizational consultants
  • We are also trained Gestalt psychotherapists

We share a view on leadership and several basic philosophies. However, we often get to hear that we are very different as individuals. We agree on that and we feel that this is an advantage when connecting with so many people and so many different organizational cultures.

We both have a passion for learning and for growing as individuals. What we stand for and offer today is a result of our experiences combined with our common findings during more than 10 years of co-creation.

We both find our work extremely meaningful. We are thankful and often moved by people´s trust and by the deep dialogue about hopes, aspirations and commitment. We are allowed to share our perspectives and knowledge with others and we continuously learn from the people we meet.

Annika Bramsen

Annika Bramsen


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Ulf Giege


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