Through current research we now much more about the demands of leadership development than we did just 20-25 years ago. We learn about the great potential of human development and at the same time we experience the increasing demands on leadership not least in connection to the increasing complexity of the work. To keep up with the need for change and transformation of organizations leaders have to work consciously on their own personal development. But adding more knowledge and drawing on earlier experiences will not be enough to build the mental complexity required to manage the diversity of dilemmas and strategic challenges. Leaders also need to embark on a journey to expand their consciousness and wisdom.

Underlying assumptions guide behaviors

Early established thought patterns and experiences are part of everyone´s learning and mindset. Later in life these patterns – often unconsciously – play a significant role in one´s way of interpreting reality and choosing ways of action in different situations. In order to expand one´s capacities in this area it is important to challenge personal beliefs and interpretations.

Personal transformational development evolves from elements like our way of dealing with challenging situations and moments, re-evaluation, new insight and deeper consciousness. It plays an important part in the ability to grasp multidimensional perspectives.

It might seem like a paradox that the capacity for handling complex problems doesn´t really come from more expert oriented knowledge but instead from deeper self-awareness, greater capacity for empathy and a more integrated understanding for human dynamics and fundamental qualities of self-organizing systems.

Our approach

Personal development is a cognitive and emotional journey towards maturity and wisdom. It is in many ways a life-long process relying on the personal willingness to face oneself with respect, trust and depth. We believe that organizations prosper from having such leaders.

In Co-Creative Organizations we support and facilitate transformational change in individuals and organizations.