Efficient leadership is based on deep respect for human needs and capabilities

The Leadership Circle (TLC) is a 360 Profile with special features that makes it stand out as a very powerful tool in the process of personal and organizational development.

Through comprehensive studies TLC provides significant information on important issues like e.g. the level of correlation between Business Performance and Leadership Effectivenessand between Leadership Effectiveness and the capacity for relating.

The TLC Profile has three layersof analysis:

  • Leadership Competencies
    • Measures 18 well researched Leadership Competencies
  • Internal assumptions
    • Measures underlying internal assumptions and patterns of thought that limit our effectiveness
  • Phase of Adult development
    • Introduces and high-lights how Adult Stage Development and the capacity for mental complexity will influence leadership effectiveness

The TLC is graphically designed to provide an accessible overview of important dataso that you will be able to see not only how you score in different competencies but also how things are interrelated. This will make it easier to catch important key issues, create a new level of understanding for one´s own leadership and be able to compare one´s own profile to those of other leaders all over the world.

The Leadership Circle Profile has a solid theoretical framework and is thoroughly researched showing high validity when it comes to measuring relevance for developmental purposes connected to effective leadership