Take your Organization to the next level


“Personal Organizational Development” – six sessions


The structure is designed primarily for leaders who are responsible for a leadership team, a big project, a change project etc


The purpose is for you to enhance your skills to further developyour organization. Through the process you will be able to discuss your current situation in depth and find new perspectives and tools that you can translate into action in your work. Each meeting has a special focus and the meetings build on each other.


Covering both long- and short-term perspectives we wish to help you optimize the transformational capacity of your organization. We strive to support you in a way that is as helpful as possible in relation to your specific situation and style as a leader.


Stage 1: Broader perspectives

Starting with your current situation we discuss what goals and vision that you have for your organization. We also start the dialogue about your “inner” values and “historical learning” to support your awareness of important values and interests. Then we look forward and upwards. What is the long-term purpose of your organization?


By looking at your reality from different directions we encourage you to stretch your perspectives.


We also take time to reflect on your Leadership and introduce the 360-profile (for more info see Leadership Circle) you will work on until our next meeting.


Stage 2: Personal development

Using our conclusions from last time and the feedback from your 360-profile we identify what areas you would like to focus on in order to take your own leadership and your organization to the next level. Together we create a plan for what to work on until next meeting.


Stage3: To develop others

By now you have created a deeper awareness and focus of your own personal development needs and it is time to start broadening our dialogue so that we also discuss how you can work to support your closest employees in their development process. You will gain tools and perspectives that will help you to be able have a coaching approach in a deeper sense.


Stage 4: From leadership group to leadership team

Your next step is to take your leadership group/team to the next level. We discuss in depth the characteristics of an efficient team, where you stand right now, and what tools you can use yourself to do the necessary work. Together we create a plan for what development activity you will carry out before stage 5.


Stage 5: To develop your organization

The primary purpose of this meeting is to find out how you can work with your leadership team to really analyze and find out your most important task. A team of leaders often tend to pull more or less in different directions due to diverse interests and priorities. As a consequence of this the groups influence on the organization becomes much weaker than if there is a strong common focus and commitment.


Stage 6: A healthy culture

When you and your team feel that you have successfully carried out one or two common development projects it is time to ask yourself: What are the characteristics and norms of our current organizational culture? In what way does the culture support and/or block long-time goals and vision. The purpose of this meeting is increase common awareness of your current situation and support you in how to lead cultural transformation with short- and long-term perspectives.



We charge 49.000 SEK + VAT for the six-session structure (including cost for the 360-Profile)


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